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On the devices they already know and love

iPad with Live TV

Live TV

All of your live content streamed anywhere on your network. Sports, news, season premieres, and everything in between.

iPad with DVR

Smart DVR

Automatically record new episodes of any show. Philo viewers can watch and record their favorite content seamlessly across their devices without a set-top box or local hard drive space.

iPad with Video on Demand

Video On Demand

Let your viewers catch up with their favorite shows by offering video on demand to any supported device.

Seamless Partnership

Flexible Integration

Make Philo your primary TV platform or add value to your existing product.

Cost Effective

Philo is a turnkey solution that is fully supported and monitored 24/7.

On the Latest Devices

Philo maintains apps on all major viewing platforms.

Turnkey Support & Service

Simple Installation

Hardware is installed in your data center by a Philo-certified technician.

24/7 Monitoring

Our Network Operations Center in San Francisco monitors system health.

On-Site Support

Philo-certified technicians complete all hardware maintenance requests.

Proven & Effective

  • High Engagement

  • Proven Reliability

  • Already at 50+ universities


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Product Features

A Philo Whitepaper


The ideal TV experience starts with great content and ends with an immersive user experience.

Complete Your TV Offering

A Philo Whitepaper


Multi-platform access, a socially integrated user experience, and unmatched content flexibility.

Flexible Product Integration

A Philo Whitepaper


With a full suite of features and a flexible technical architecture, Philo can stand alone or complement your…

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