Campus Televideo Announces A Partnership With Philo to Offer IPTV Services to College Campuses


October 13, 2014

Stamford, Conn. – Campus Televideo, the nation’s largest integrator of television programming to colleges and universities, has added Philo , an innovative next-generation IPTV service, as a new IPTV solution for its valued clients.

Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) is the process of taking traditional cable and satellite TV content and streaming it over a data network to any device with an Internet connection. Campus Televideo has been integrating IPTV solutions on campuses since 2006 and is proud to now be offering Philo.

“IPTV provides a number of benefits to a campus,” said Brian Benz, CEO of Campus Televideo. “This solution meets the student demand to record shows and watch content from anywhere on campus, while running on the school’s internal network so it doesn’t slow down external bandwidth. Also, IPTV give students global access to licensed content, eliminating the need to pirate the shows off of other websites.”

“We are excited to be working with Campus Televideo,” said Marc Emmons, Director of Sales, Philo.  “Together we’re empowering students with control over when and how they can watch TV.”

About Philo

Philo, a company launched by two Harvard students in 2011, now works with cable and satellite providers to stream live television content over the university’s existing closed data network. Philo provides authorized users secure access to the university’s multi-channel TV lineup with a sleek interface, built-in guide and DVR. The result is that authorized students can access television entertainment on their laptops, tablets and smartphones from anywhere, anytime.

About Campus Televideo

Campus Televideo works with more than 250 colleges and universities and has approximately 600,000 subscribers nationwide. They offer tailored cable TV, IPTV and OTT solutions for the delivery of authenticated entertainment, educational and custom content. Campus Televideo provides its clients with personalized service, content flexibility and control to meet the unique needs of every campus community. Learn more at